What Are Shaft Mounted Forks?

When it comes to your material handling equipment, it is crucial that you have the right set of forks to maintain a reliable and safe operation. However, getting the right forks can be a challenging task for many businesses.

Among the various types of forks that are available, Shaft Mounted Forks, which are also known as pin-type forks, stand out the most.

Shaft Mounted Forks can attach to forklifts, telehandlers, wheel loaders or skid steers to safely lift and effortlessly move the loads that are extremely heavy. These forks are most commonly known for their stability, versatility and ease of use. That is why shaft mount forks are an integral part of the material handling industry today.

Understanding Shaft Mount Forks

Shaft mounted forks are referred to a specific type of fork attachment that can be individually designed to securely connect the forks to your equipment.

Shaft mount forks are mounted on a pole, otherwise known as the shaft, which spans along the width of the carriage. A pin is, then, employed to securely lock the forks in place. Opting for the pin-type forks will substantially reduce the risk of unintended detachment while conducting lifting operations.

All-Pro Forks understands that different jobs and tasks will, essentially, require different forks. That is why we have a wide selection of fork options available. With that being said, getting the correct measurements is going to be vital, to ensure that your forks will be able to accurately attach to your equipment.

How To Get Accurate Measurements For Shaft Mounted Forks

With some basic knowledge and tools, ordering the right set of forks for your material handling equipment can be a straightforward process.

Shaft Mounted Forks will require specific measurements, such as:

  • Inside Diameter of Shaft Eye
  • Outside Diameter of Shaft Eye
  • Diameter of Shaft
  • Eye Location
  • Eye Wall Thickness
  • Capacity Requirements
Measurements For Shaft Mount Forks

These measurements will, ultimately, help you order shaft mount forks that properly fit your equipment, without having to pay high OEM prices.

Measuring For Shaft Mount Forks

While a set of calipers will provide the most accurate dimensions, a standard or metric tape measure has the ability to do the job for most fork applications.

When measuring for Shaft Mounted Forks, remember that most dimensions will have a ± factor. Therefore, finding your dimension to .001 is not going to be necessary. Typically, any dimension that is ± ⅛” (.125 or 3mm) on fork mounting hardware is acceptable. However, when it comes to auxiliary items – such as lugs and other features – a more precise measurement may be required. In this case, having a caliper on hand can be helpful.

It is important to note that when measuring anything circular, measurements are going to be taken from the center line of the object to a fixed point. For instance, you would measure from the horizontal center line of the fork bushing to the fixed point of the fork heel. This principle also holds true when you are filling in dimensions for lugs and positioners.

Once you have the dimensions, you can be confident that the set of forks you order will fit your equipment properly. Our design engineer, along with our experienced and certified welders, are going to fabricate your forks according to the specifications based on the dimensions.

With the help of our experts here at All-Pro Forks, you will be able to optimize your material handling operations and achieve better safety and efficiency. We are always available to help businesses with complex material handling solutions, as well as to answer any questions that you may have regarding forks.

If you are still unsure how to properly measure for Shaft Mounted Forks, use our shaft mount spec sheets to determine which measuring points you should use.

Benefits Of Shaft Mounted Forks

Generally, shaft mount forks are going to offer several more advantages when compared to the other fork attachment options.

1. Enhanced Reliability, Stability & Safety

One of the key advantages of Shaft Mounted Forks is the superior stability.

The shaft and pin are going to provide a secure connection, making sure that the forks remain securely attached to your equipment when moving a heavy load. This stability and reliability of the fork attachment will, essentially, minimize the risk of the load shifting or tipping. With that being said, these forks promote a safer work environment for operators and can, additionally, help to prevent potential accidents.

2. Quick & Easy Attachment & Detachment

The design of shaft mount forks will enable a quick and effortless attachment process, as well as a fast detachment.

To accurately hold the forks in place, the shaft is simply inserted into the carriage, so that the pin can be placed to directly secure the forks. This quick and straightforward process is going to allow efficient swapping of forks, particularly when different load sizes are necessary or scenarios require different abilities. Operators will be able to save valuable time during loading and unloading operations. Thus, increasing your productivity overall.

3. Versatility For Varied Applications

Shaft mounted forks are going to provide versatility, specifically in terms of fork length and configuration.

When you are using pin type forks, different lengths of forks can be easily interchanged on your equipment. This will enable you to successfully handle a variety of load sizes and types. Whether you are needing to transport pallets, barrels or other specialized loads, shaft mount forks have the ability to properly adapt to any environment and accurately meet specific material handling requirements. This adaptability is what makes them such a valuable tool across a wide range of industries – such as warehousing, construction and manufacturing.

4. Compatibility & Availability

All-Pro Forks has several fork options available. For instance, we offer different fork widths and materials to suit specific applications and environments.

Our facility has an extensive library of blueprints on fork specifications for many makes and models of equipment today. We have made Shaft Mounted Forks for hundreds of different makes and models of equipment, such as:

  • Telehandlers
  • Front End Loaders
  • Wheel Loaders
  • Genie
  • SkyTrak
  • JLG
  • Caterpillar

You name it, All-Pro Forks has done it. Our custom capabilities are some of the finest in the industry. If it needs to be moved, All-Pro Forks can set you up for success!

High Quality Shaft Mount Forks

Shaft Mounted Forks are an essential attachment for a wide variety of material handling tasks. Whether you are working in a warehouse, construction site or any other setting that requires you to handle heavy loads, shaft mount forks offer a reliable solution.

Shaft Mounted Forks will provide:

  • Enhanced Stability
  • Versatile Capabilities
  • Secure Connection
  • Ease Of Use
  • Quick Attachment Process
  • Easy Detachment

Overall, shaft mount forks have the ability to improve both productivity and the operator’s safety. That is why they are a valuable tool in the material handling industry today.

Contact the expert fork technicians at All–Pro Forks today!

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