Universal Walk Through Frame

Universal Walk Through Frame for Pallet Forks

Universal Walk Through Pallet Forks Frame

The universal walk through Pallet Forks frame is known as a medium duty frame. This particular frame has a lifting capacity that is 4,000 pounds.

The universal walk through frame is going to attach to any machine that has a standard universal quick attach coupler. Our walk through frame will support any ITA Class II forks, which will, essentially, make it a great option for car forks.

The universal walk through skid steer frame will allow the operator to easily and quickly step through the frame, when entering and exiting the vehicle, rather than having to walk around the attached frame. This frame contains a step that is slip resistant, in order to make sure that the operator can safely enter and exit the vehicle. With the open design of the frame, there is also going to offer better visibility of the load.

The Universal Walk Through Frame has top hooks reinforced that measure 0.25 inch (or 1/4 of an inch) and a lower coupler thickness measuring at 0.50 inch (or 1/2 an inch), with a six degrees kick. This is, ultimately, going to provide an improved roll back radius. All Pro Fork's frame attachments are efficiently powder coated, in order to provide the best protection, enhancing the overall life and look of your investment. Not only that, but superior performance and strength can be guaranteed, when using this pallet forks frame, due to the ITA top rail that is rated for 4,000 pounds. Furthermore, this frame accommodates a highly durable lower rail that is going to ensure reliability and dependability. As a result, the 4048 will provide a great value for your everyday material handling jobs.

The Universal Walk Through Pallet Forks Frame:

1) Ensures easy and quick access to the machine

2) Contains a slip resistant step

3) Maintains a better visibility on the load

4) Offers superior performance and strength

5) Provides an improved roll back radius

6) Provides overall rigidity and dependability with the durable lower rail

The Universal Walk Through Skid Steer Frame is known as a medium duty frame. This particular frame accommodates a lifting capacity of 4000 pounds.