ITA Forks

ITA Forks, also known as clip or hook type forks, come in sizes that are standard to the rail spacing on most modern forklift trucks.
All-Pro Fork carries a wide range of class 2, 3, and 4 forks in various popular lengths to meet virtually any fork need. For ordering or questions, please call and speak to any of our expert fork technicians. For other options check out our frames and our ITA fork options.

*We have the ability to do custom work

Height of Carriage
1 B 13.00" 331mm
2 B 16.00" 407mm
3 B 20.00'' 508mm
4 B 25.00'' 635mm
5 B 28.67'' 728mm

Class II Carriage Bars(Upper and Lower)

Class II and Class III Carriage Bars