Boom Frame


The 12FMB, or otherwise known as a 12 Foot Fork Mounted Adjustable Boom Frame, is a piece of equipment that is common and widely used in material handling and construction applications. This adjustable boom is going to offer maximum load capacity in construction, industrial and manufacturing settings.

The forklift boom frame can be utilized for heavy duty construction, specifically rating for 2,000 pounds per stop and consisting of six stops. Our adjustable fork extensions are equipped with a spring loaded lock pin. Having a spring loaded lock pin will, ultimately, allow the user to safely secure the boom at each stop, every 24 inches. In addition to that, there is a chain that is attached to the fork mounted boom, which is going to wrap around and fasten to the machine or attachment head. This will make sure to provide additional support on the load capacity, while safely transporting the load.

This equipment is, particularly, designed for applications where the forks of a forklift are not quite long enough and are not able to extend out as far as the load. Not only that, but adjustable fork extensions are also necessary when lifting and transporting a load overhead, at an elevated height. Overall, this 12 foot adjustable boom is going to provide versatility and flexibility, essentially allowing for the transportation of loads in various situations.

All Pro Forks Forklift Boom Frame is made in the U.S.A. and is ready for your Heavy Duty jobs.

12' Fork Mounted Boom Frame

This is a 12FMB - 12 Foot Fork Mounted Adjustable Boom Frame. This fork extension, specifically, consists of a steel frame that is precisely mounted on the forks of your forklift. It contains a telescoping boom that can be safely adjusted to a variety of lengths, all the way up to 12 feet. What's more, our adjustable boom has the capacity to be angled up or down, securely lifting and transporting heavy loads with safety.
This All Pro Forks product is efficiently made in the U.S.A. and is ready for your Heavy Duty jobs!
Fork Mounted Boom

A 12 Foot Fork Mounted Adjustable Boom is referred to as a piece of equipment that is frequently used on forklifts for an extendable reach. This adjustable attachment is going to lift and transport heavy duty loads, typically at an elevated height and under or over obstacles.