6048 Heavy Duty Skid Steer Frame

Skid Steer Frame General Features

  1. Walk through back for easy access to skid steer cab.
  2. High back rest for stabilizing tall loads.
  3. Chain lock connection points to secure odd shaped loads or provide additional load structure
  4. True ITA rail carriage bar constructed of one piece of steel and machined to properly fit any class 2 ITA fork. Notches for fork locking pins are also machined into the rail
  5. Full length reinforcement of top rail for added strength and rigidity.
  6. Coupler constructed of single plate construction increasing structural strength.
  7. Kick out incorporated into our coupler plate improves load roll back and stability.
  8. Reinforced foot plate to reduce material tearing at the pin drop down.
Heavy Duty Skid Steer Frame

All Pro’s Heavy Duty Skid Steer Frame comes standard with 48”, 4,000 lb. capacity forks. Additional fork options up to 8,000 lb. capacity and 72” long are also available. Our frames are powder coated to improve the overall life and look of your investment. We also have our Severe Duty Skid Steer Frame and attachments available.

The benefits of a heavy-duty skid steer frame include increased stability, improved durability, and the ability to handle larger and heavier attachments. This allows the operator to tackle tougher jobs with confidence and efficiency.